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G, 27, London. I like things.

    mythornsareofsteel asked: ☮ and ☯


    • ☮ : share 5 favourite movies

    1. Cabaret 2. Gone With The Wind 3. Ever After 4. Brave 5. Meet Me In St. Louis

    • ☯ : share 5 people you love being with

    1. Mah Fi! Fi is the lovely, tall, gangly version of me-when I’m with her I almost feel like a better person, and she just seems to get me. I honestly do not ever hold back with her, I don’t feel that fear of going too far, you know? It’s excellent. Love her.

    2. My mum! My mother is excellent. The first time I realised that some people don’t get along with their mothers (and not just because they had a temporary argument that will soon be resolved), I was actually shocked because well…I’ve had such an kick ass mother who gave me such a loving example of parenthood, a friend, my love of film and tv, my penchant for dreaming and reading. We just-get along. It’s really nice.

    3. Mark. Mark has been my bff since I was a baby, and all through the years of moving away, and having facebook reconnect us hasn’t changed a thing. Love that guy.

    4. My brother. My younger brother has grown. A lot. And suddenly, (well, not super suddenly) it’s like we’re friends after so long. When he came to stay with my during the wedding, it was just-so nice. We bicker and shit, but it’s only now that we’re older that I realise just how much he loves me, how being his older sister actually means something to him. And yeah, I kinda take full advantage, but he’s such a fucking laugh, even when I’m annoyed.

    5. My dad. Daddy and I (yeah, I call him daddy-and my mum mummy, can’t stop won’t stop) have…a kind of quiet relationship when we’re alone. He won’t always understand what I mean, but he tries his best, and though I roll my eyes a lot with him, he’s truly lovely and funny and is always, always on my team. Team G for him. Yeah!

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    1. piggyplaypen said: I call my mom “mommy” and my dad “daddy” too! Hell, my mom still calls her dad “daddy” Never gonna change. I was shocked to find that some ppl and their moms don’t get along as well! As cheesy as this is we rly are like besties.
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